Sleep: Results already after a few days?

For the most part, I am reviewing products that are already in the market because I have used them myself for many years. For example, you might want to review a sleep mask or sleep mat, or a blanket, or a mattress, or a pillow, or something else. But sometimes I find products that I just cannot live without, and that's why I am making this page. These are the products that I am reviewing. Here's the deal: if you buy anything from this page, you can claim a $25 credit towards the purchase of another product. I have only reviewed products for which I've had personally-used or used-by-an-expert reviews. That is, these products have come up with a significant improvement in my sleep, and that improvement has been reported by someone other than myself. And these products were also evaluated on a "best of" or "best-by" basis by a sleep expert. That means the experts have given them a score out of 5 for their overall effectiveness, which is equal to the number of products they tested. So if a product is not in the "best" or "best-by" list, I'm not including it here. And if you need help deciding what products to buy, or how to choose the right one for you, I've put together this page that lists my top 10 recommended products.

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GoodNiter is currently considered an insider recommendation, but the popularity in the recent past ...