Less snoring: Results already after a few days?

All products were tested by a medical doctor or dentist. If one product does not work, then it will be listed as such.

Most anti snoring products were tested with a snoring test. These products will stop snoring without any medication. I don't know about many of these products. Snoring is caused by the over stimulation of your airway. If the snoring is too intense then the airway will not respond to the natural signals that send the body and brain to the snoring part of the body. These signals are caused by deep breathing. This causes the airway to not work properly. Some anti snoring products are based on science. There are products that are based on how deep you breathe. These products are not based on your level of snoring. To be clear, I am not saying that snoring is not important. It is very important. I have seen many people with chronic snoring who have great success with some of the products that I talk about. If you don't want to snore, there are some natural snoring products that may work. If you want to snore and have to try these products and they don't work, I am afraid you will not know what to do. We can't help everyone.

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